Rast Musicology Journal (RMJ) is a international refereed journal that draws its contributions from a wide community of researchers. RMJ is a interdisciplinary journal devoted to issues and practices in music research.


RAST Musicology Journal Coverage

• Turkish Music, Philosophy, Theories, History, Applications, Research
• Eastern and Middle Eastern Music, Philosophy, Theories, History, Practices, Researches
• Musicology, ethnomusicology, comparative musicology ...
• History, philosophy, the methodology of music …
• Musicology and interdisciplinary fields (Music and physics, music and psychology, music and history, music and medicine, music and philosophy, music and technology…)
• Music education
• Music and creativity

Irmc will be the first congress where all problems related to the interdisciplinary music and education will be discussed. The models, research and opinions of future trends of interdisciplinary music & education who study on academicians in this field will be shared regularly on this platform every year. IRMC supported by Young Wise Publishing (London, UK), Uludağ University and Association for Young Scientists and Talent Education (AYSTE).